Alcohol and Drug Abuse by Students and Professionals

There is so much to see and experience in today’s ultra-modern time, everything is happening so fast. No one has enough time to think of others and do something for them, all are busy on their own. When it comes to mental stress, freedom or fun, people do likable and dislikeable things. As we know, most of the population of our country is youth. More than 50% of the youths are studying in schools or colleges and working professionals. Nearly, 18% of the students and working professionals consumes cigarette and alcohol as a part of fun and enjoyment. When it comes to drugs consumption, this is around 6.26% witnessed in students and young professionals working in MNCs and small companies.

There can be countless reasons for such of addiction in our youths, avoidable and unavoidable. Some of the reasons that can be behind the alcohol or drug abuse are late night parties, celebration, failure, separation and may be family or financial pressure on today’s youth. They know very well what they are doing and what leads to it. Roughly 14% of these youths are also found to be consuming drugs and marijuana along with alcohol.About 34% of youths drink alcohol and consume cigarettes together. Drunk, unconscious, they do whatever makes them happy and gives pleasure. It is often found that most of the major accidents, violance and crimes occurs due to the overdose of drugs and alcohol (in more than 46% cases) either willingly or unwillingly.

We can often witness children or young people consuming marijuana, cigarette, alcohol on the streets, in the parks or dark areas of the societies. It is very easy to understand, they either learn or imitate each other by watching it all happen around them. Most of the times they start consuming after being influenced by the sayings of peers.This can also be practised at home and there is no doubt at all. Consequence: in about 66% of all the cases, children/youth either become sick or weak and with a dark future. In very simple words, “burden on family”. We do believe in prevention is better than cure so this can be prevented. In most of the cases, children hide what they are doing and what is happening to them. Everything is unusual with them, physically and mentally. It is the responsibility of the guardian of the house to notice/mark and understand these acts and take right decision at right time.

We know the problem and well known its solution, now something appropriate needs to be done with which we can expect results in our favour. If you see such problems in your family, do let us know and we will definitely guide you the best way to save life of your loved one. If you are looking for de-addiction centre for girls, de-addiction centre for boys, de-addiction centre for female, de-addiction centre for children, de-addiction centre for students and de-addiction centre for professional please do not hesitate to contact us. We do provide ambulance facility with medical staff to bring the patients to our ShriShuddhi Nasha Mukti Kendra for nasha mukti treatment and nasha mukti therapy.