How to live with an alcoholic family member at home?

Based on several surveys and estimates, roughly around 22% to 26% of our national population consumes alcohol (ethyl alcohol) on several occasions. Among them around 5.16% of them are completely dependent on alcohol. We are human, we see and understand everything so this not something new for us. The number of alcohol addicts (male & female) are increasing day by day and this now genuinely a serious matter for all of us (1.13% to 1.92% yearly). Nothing good can be expected whenever a family member consumes alcohol at home or come back home drunken. This moment the other family members experiences frustrated, scared, unsafe, angry and embarrassed because this is every day’s story in their life. This incident is not only limited to just home, this happens on different occasions and at different places, this is something very denunciatory.

This must be clear, to live with them at home, few compromises and few very tough measures have to be taken. Its because nothing matters to a drug or alcohol addict. Their mental state is also not like that of normal human beings. We can easily notice their abnormal behaviour such as aggressive, anger, talkative, shouting, fracas and violent. Here below few steps can be suggested which may work to some extents.

• First of all be calm and try your best to finish the daily routine as early as possible silently.
• Never participate in any discussion with them because that can turn into a rude argument.
• Try to be cool but alert all the time to avoid any violence.
• Listen to them very carefully to find out the root cause of their daily drinking habit.
• Never use any electronic items (mobile phone, iPad or Laptop) in front of them because this directly makes them aggressive.
• Never play any music when they are drunk or watch TV or videos, this incident invites them to participate.
• Never make any phone call in front of them.
• Never plan, share, ask or show anything new when they are drunken.
• Finally, never allow or ask anyone to visit your home when they are drunken.

All the above-mentioned measure works for sure because all this can be more than doing it in front of an alcoholic. At the same time one can look for the help or solution. You should call or contact reliable elderly people, your teacher, a friend or a relative. There it needs to take a strong decision and admit him/her in a rehabilitation centre for de-addiction treatment.

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